About Us

About Us

In 1993 when we moved from the city to a rural area, one of the first things we did was plant fruit trees.  We patiently waited 3 years for fruit, but there was no fruit.  Every spring there were blossoms on each of the trees, always the promise of fruit.


One day we were reading an article in the newspaper about pollination and the lack of bees in our area to fill the need.  That was when we first embarked on the wonderful world of beekeeping starting with one hive.  The next year the fruit trees blossomed and through the wonders of pollination we had hundreds of peaches in late summer.  The bees did their job.

As with most beekeepers, one hive is never enough and our inventory grew to over 120 hives over the years.  Each year more knowledge is gained, there’s trial and error on a lot of processes, and the opportunity to meet many beekeepers in our area and around the country.

For several years we offered our honey for sale not only to friends, family and neighbors but at farmers markets and then expanded to local stores.

Our products are made with our pure and natural Honey.  Unlike some Honey you may purchase commercially in a store, there is NOTHING added to our Honey.  What the bees provide to us is what is in our products.  Many commercial products especially those using honey imported from foreign countries contain only a small amount of honey and are supplemented with corn syrup and who knows what else.  It has become an issue in the United States that most people are unaware of.  But we are honored to bring you pure and natural Honey and use the same in our Creamed Honey products.  No additives or preservatives.  We hope you will enjoy all of our offerings!